Great Flavor Combinations

help to create your own healthy beet recipe

Whether you are cooking fresh beets on the grill, serving a light and healthy beets and greens salad, making a hearty root-vegetable stew, or simply adding raw beet dishes to your everyday menu, use this list of foods and spices that match perfectly with beets as an idea-starter to help you select and create your favorite best flavor combinations.

To see a recipe that combines beets with the ingredient, click the links in the table , or experiment and create your own dish. You can safely use the same spices and condiments when cooking beet greens.

Herbs and Spices:
Allspice Cumin Mint
Basil Curry Nutmeg
Caraway seeds Dill Paprika
Chervil Fennel seeds Parsley, flat-leaf
Chiles Garlic Pepper
Chives Ginger Rosemary
Cilantro Lemon balm Scallions
Cinnamon Lemon thyme Tarragon
Cloves Lemon verbena Thyme
Coriander Marjoram
Balsamic Champagne Cider
Raspberry Red wine Sherry
Tarragon White wine
Blue Asiago Cambozola
Cheddar Feta Fontina d’Aosta
Goat Gruyere Parmesan
Queso fresco Ricotta salata Roquefort
Arugula Beet greens Belgian endive (escarole)
Chicory Endive Fennel
Frisee Leeks Mache
Spinach Watercress
Brown sugar Garlic Honey
Horseraddish Lemon juice Maple syrup
Mustard oil Mustard, Dijon Nutmeg
Oil: canola, peanut, vegetable, walnut Olive oil Olives, nicoise
Salt and pepper Sugar, white and brown
Fruit and Vegetables:
Apples Avocado Cabbage
Carrots Celery Citrus
Cucumbers Horseradish Lemon, juice and zest
Lime Onions Oranges: juice and zest
Pears Potatoes Radishes
Scallions Shallots
Grains and Beans, Nuts and Seeds::
Beans, green Capers Pistachios
Chickpeas Pine nuts Walnuts
Other ingredients:
Anchovies Bacon Beef
Butter, unsalted Caviar Cream
Creme fraiche Duck Fish
Goose Hard boiled eggs Herring
Kefir Milk Pork
Prosciutto Smoked fish Sour cream
Yogurt Sherry Vodka

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