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Salads are easy to make when you do not want to cook

In the last few years, beet salad has become a popular item on restaurant menus (Beet and Goat Cheese Salad, anyone?). And why not? It is an economical dish that provides a wonderful combination of flavors and taste, and a vivid contrast of colors.

Beets are nutritious vegetables available through the whole year. Beets pair beautifully with salad greens, cheeses, and light dressings.

But, most of all, beet salads are easy to make and they taste really good.

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The popular beets and goat cheese recipe is only one of the numerous tasty combinations you can rely on to create a delicious beet salad at home.

It is really easy to mix beets with salad greens in a 4-ingredient salad.
Arrange your favorite salad greens on a big salad platter or individual plates, put a few slices of roasted beet on top, drizzle with your favorite dressing, and sprinkle your favorite cheese or nuts on top. Add a sliced pear, or apple, or even blood oranges or tangerines. It is all good!

Golden Beet Salad

For a more substantial meal, combine beets with other root vegetables and add mayonnaise or Greek yogurt. Make your salad sweeter by adding prunes and walnuts, or give it an extra bite with fresh onions and gourmet vinegars.

Cooking beets for salads can be done in several ways.
You can select any method that suits your taste or schedule.

Roasted beets will bring intense sweetness and rich color to the salad of winter greens.

Boiled or steamed beets are easy to cook and peel, and they will taste of their own earthy beet self.

No time for boiling or roasting? Cook beets in microwave – they will be ready to use in no longer than 15 minutes.

Pickled beets on top of greens make a delicious colorful and piquant salad.

Finely grated fresh raw beets, along with other root vegetables in their season, added to salads, will increase their nutritional value. Raw food enthusiasts would welcome salads made with raw beets to add variety to everyday diet.

Light beet salads and appetizers

These salads include salad greens as garnishes, and should be prepared shortly before serving. Otherwise, the greens will become flabby, and the dressing watery. Light salads could be served as a starter or a salad course when you have meat or fish as the main course.

Warm Salad with Escarole
Quick and satisfying light meal. One of my favorites.

Blood Oranges, Beets, Arugula and Goat Cheese
A vivid display of colors and flavors.

Golden Beets with Goat Cheese
For a splash of golden color and mild taste.

Red Beetroot with Egg and Watercress
Vegetarian recipe.

Spinach Salad with Raw Beets
Healthy and colorful all-season dish.

Red Beet Salad with Vidalia Onion
Crisp and cool salad for all seasons.

Beets and Fresh Onion Salad
Juicy fresh onions and red beets with arugula.

3 Beet Salads and with French Dressing
Winter to spring beet salads made from left-over or freshly cooked ingredients in tasty combination with a home-made French dressing.

Beet and Endive with Lemon Cream
Simple and deliciously crunchy appetizer.

Compound salads and beet relishes

Beet and potato salads have higher amounts of sugar and starch. These salads should not be served with heavy meals. Instead, you can serve one of these salads as a light lunch or late dinner, and even prepare them in advance. Beet and potato salads will hold a day or two in the refrigerator.

Russian Salad Vinegret.
A favorite winter salad of Russian cuisine.

3 Potato Salads with Beetroot and Onions
Serve a beet and potato salad as a light vegetarian lunch or supper, or balance a heavy meal on your dinner table.

Beets with Walnuts and Prunes
Serve as an appetizer or a tasty side dish.

Beets with Creamy Horseradish Dressing
Quick and easy piquant starter.

3 Red-Beet Relishes
Make one of these sweet and tangy beet relishes next time you are having meets or cheese for lunch or dinner.

More salads with raw beets
More vegetarian beet salad recipes

If you like making different types of salads, visit for peach salads made with greens, jello, meats or mixed fruit.

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