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Whether you buy your beets at the market or grow in your own home garden, Healthy Beets.com is here to help you create great tasting beet dishes. Try one of these recipes next time and you’ll have your guests and family begging for more!

Healthy Beets Recipes

Beetroot is a versatile vegetable and can be cooked in variety of ways. You can eat beets raw, baked, steamed and pickled, in soups and salads, or served as a condiment and alongside entrees. Beets go beautifully in any form with duck, pork chops, and even as a little sauté of fresh foie gras.

Sweet and earthy beet juice will fit nicely in your juice diet. A raw or cooked beet salad could become a staple in your raw food or vegetarian menu. And with more than one type of beets to choose from, why not try one of each when you get the chance.

What You’ll Find Here

From quick and healthy salads and garnishes to hearty and flavorful soups, Healthy Beets.com offers a variety of ways to prepare your beets. Do you know how to make borscht or Harvard beets? How to create a beautiful and tasty raw beet dish. You’ll learn how it’s done right on this site.

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The Readers’ Page includes great beet recipes submitted by visitors just like you. If you have a favorite recipe that you’d like to share, send it in! The best recipes sent in will be published here on this site.

Healthy Beets Blog
Our Healthy Beets Blog keeps you up-to-date with all changes and new recipes added to the healthy-beets.com Web site. Subscribe here.
Beets SiteSearch
Healthy Beets SiteSearch helps you find your favorite beet recipes by ingredients or cooking methods.
Ways of Cooking Beets
Old and new ways of cooking beets. Healthy cooking recipes using baked and pickled beets.
Beet Flavor Combinations to Create Your Own Healthy Recipes
Learn about beet flavor combinations with herbs and spices to help you make better choices in the kitchen and sparkle your creativity.
Beet Greens, How to Cook and Eat, Easy Healthy Recipes
Learn how to prepare and cook beet greens for low-calorie nutritious dishes. Cooked or raw, beet greens are rich in vitamins and minerals.
Borscht Recipes
Cold vegetarian borscht in the heat of summer, or hot and hearty classic Ukrainian beet soup. Try one of our many borscht recipes in your own kitchen.
Healthy Beet Salad Recipes For All Seasons
From simple to gourmet, a colorful beet salad will add important nutrients to your everyday meals
Free Tasty Recipes for Juicing Beets
Juicing Is a Delicious Way to Add More Nutrients to Our Bodies. Learn How to Blend Beets in a Healthy Veggie Drink.
Beets in Raw Food Recipes. Easy Raw Salads, Pickled and Fermented Beets, Juicing
Easy raw food recipes to introduce raw beets in the diet. Create a colorful salad with raw beets, pickle or ferment the vegetables, try a refreshing beet juice blend.
How to Make Pickled Beets, Recipes and Tips
Quick and easy Pickled Beets recipes. Serve pickled beets for garnish right out of the jar, or make salads, relishes and chutneys.
Beetroot in Vegetarian Recipes Adds Color and Crunchy Texture to Basic Meals
Vegetarian recipes with beets for everyday meals. Get your fiber, minerals, and variety of color and texture by including vegetarian beet recipes in your diet.
Storing Beets for Winter, How to Freeze Beets, How to Store Beets in Sand
Learn about storing beets for winter months. Freezing cooked beets. Storing fresh beets in sand.
Take Simple Steps to Healthy Living and Take Control of Your Health
Take up healthy living strategies as steps to live a healthy happy life. These articles will help you to make right choices.
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