Beets in Vegetarian Recipes

Low in calories, high in fiber, packed with healthy nutrients, healthy beets lend themselves beautifully to vegetarian recipes. With their famous crimson color, refined flavor and earthy taste, beets are pleasing to the palate and the palette, and should be invited to your dinner table more often.

Whether you are a vegetarian by choice or necessity, simply want to add new recipes to your personal menus, or just be economical by eating less meat and more vegetables, beets can help broaden your repertoire of everyday meals beyond favorite basics.

Fresh Beets

Buy fresh beets in-season. They cost less and are in their peak taste and flavor. Prepare simply and eat fresh, or keep for the next day and use in combination salads or as a garnish.

Here are some of my favorite beetroot vegetarian recipes, but virtually any recipe on this site can help you add beets to your everyday menu.

Drink beet juice as a snack, or turn it into a more substantial healthy meal.

Try this fried beetroot breakfast dish . You can whip it up in 20 minutes with just basic ingredients from your pantry.

Most of the beet salad recipes on this site lend themselves perfectly to vegetarian menus.

Whip up a simple, vibrant with colors and textures beet salad with watercress and egg.

Jazz up a traditional Waldorf Astoria salad by adding pickled beets for a slightly different piquant taste and blushing color.

Sweet and sour Harvard beets are sure to please your palate. You can even cheat a little and use canned beets for this recipe.

How about a famous beet soup, meatless refreshing summer borscht made with mushrooms and apples, or a cold beet borscht that you can keep in the refrigerator for a few days and serve with the different ingredients every day.

Beetroot stew with curry and cucumber will make a nice main course, and is a snap to prepare.

And for dessert -- sweet and savory red beet fritters with fruit marmalade, a real treat for your eyes – and your body.

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