Detox Treatment

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Modern day life has resulted in an exponential increase in our exposure to chemicals, drugs and pollutants. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics, over dependence on alcohol and a fast lifestyle have all contributed to making out bodies unhealthy. The modern generation seems to have forgotten that to get to the top of the rat race we need a healthy mind coupled with a healthy body.

Our body’s detoxification system comprises of the digestive and urinary systems, skin, lungs and liver. It is a perfect system in which the organs supplement and complement each other. There is, however, a limit to how much it can be stretched.

What happens is this. The front-line defense of the intestines is broken due to the large quantities of toxins that enter our body. This intake can happen through food, exposure to the environment, drinking water and other points of contact. The breakdown of the function of the intestines leads to a condition where the liver needs to work more than its capacity.

Over time, if the level of toxins is not reduced, the toxins start to leak out of the intestinal walls into the blood stream. And a situation like this causes diseases such as bowel toxaemia (blood poisoning caused by bacterial toxic substances in the blood) and candidiasis (an infection caused by fungi). These diseases are characterized by symptoms like diabetes, chronic constipation, vaginal thrush, loss of libido and increase in blood cholesterol.

Though you may find many quick remedies being advertised, the process of detox treatment needs a holistic approach. A detox product can be of help only if it is taken as a supplementary treatment and as part of an overall detox program.

Some natural detox treatments include fasting. Fasting is a natural process for cleaning the colon of toxic substances and has been used in different societies across the world. For people who cannot fast, a fruit juice diet can also help in cleansing the colon.

Herbal detox remedies include herbal tablets for liver cleansing. Organic diets in conjunctions with herbal treatments help in getting rid of the yeast that cause candidiasis.

A detox treatment is much more than just popping in a detox product. It is almost a lifestyle that you need to lead to rid your body of all the impurities that have been accumulating over the years. It is also pertinent that you continue the process of a detox diet even after you have cleansed your system once. This is essential since the yeast and toxins can reappear due to contact with the environment.

In context of natural detox remedies, implies a regulated diet that is organic in nature. Some of the precautions that are recommended for an effective detox treatment would include the following:

  • Preservatives - avoid foods that contain preservatives. A close look at the label can tell you if the food contains preservative or not.
  • Sugar – avoid sugar consumption. If you cannot avoid it totally, limit the consumption.
  • Fresh is the best - certain food items require to be kept at low temperatures. Such products are best bought directly from the store rather than home delivered.
  • Pure water - stick to filtered or bottled water.
  • Keep your household free of chemical pollutants.
  • Learn about organic foods and try to use them as much as possible.
  • Exercise - it is one of the best detox remedies as it helps to burn toxins in the body.
  • Dentistry - choose a holistic dentist who will ensure that no mercury amalgam is used.

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Article courtesy of Native Remedies

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